for Healthcare Organizations

Providing meaningful healthcare extends beyond the four walls of the hospital. Patients have access to information and resources that help them feel more educated and empowered to care for themselves and their loved ones, which increases expectations on healthcare providers.

But Patient Engagement is not about creating more work for providers, it’s about giving patients access to information and tools that help them manage their health better and ultimately reduce strain on the healthcare system through fewer unnecessary readmissions and unreimbursed follow up.

Introducing myCuratio Health Communities

myCuratio provides your health organization the opportunity to engage directly with your patient population through innovative social health communities. These communities are designed to attract new patients to your organization and encourage medication and treatment adherence after a visit.

  • myCuratio recommends new patients to your community based on their health conditions, treatments, or proximity
  • Post and share meaningful content, such as patient and caregiver education and promotional messages
  • Start important conversations relevant to the needs of your patients and encourage active feedback
  • Create private sub-communities to monitor and engage with specific patient populations based on condition
  • Receive valuable and real time data about your patient populations, including data from outside your own organization

Contact us for more Information

myCuratio communities will be available soon for healthcare organizations, employers, schools, and other organizations that want to help their consumers live healthier. For more information about release schedule, features, and pricing, contact Curate Health today.