New exciting features and updates are now available on iPhone and Android devices, including the ability to import medical documents, create care circles, and transfer and refill prescriptions with Walgreens.

If you have myCuratio installed on your iPhone or Android device, then you may have noticed an update late last week that we published to all users. This update has a number of exciting new features and updates that will make it easier to care for yourself and your loved ones better. Continue below to find out what to expect in the latest update!

Import Medical Documents

Within your chart, you now have the ability to import and share medical documents – including PDF and image files, as well as medical records from your patient portal! To import documents, you will need to access the image or file from your iPhone by email, Google Drive, or DropBox.

Importing medical records from your patient portal is currently only available on iPhone.

To import medical records, you need to export them from your patient portal on a web browser. All patient portals are a little different, but when you export your medical records it typically creates a file with an XML extension. You can email this file, or place it in Google Drive or DropBox to make it available on your iPhone.

When you tap on this file, you can either select myCuratio to import – or you can tap on “More” to turn myCuratio on as an option for importing these types of files. We look forward to continuing work on these types of integrations to make it even easier to import your digital medical records.


myCuratio Care Circles

Our mission has always been to help you care for yourself and your loved ones, which sometimes requires you to share important medical information with family and caregivers. With this update, you now have the ability to create multiple care circles to share some or all of your medical information with others. Create a care circle today and give access to your emergency contact!

Walgreens Prescription Fill, Transfer, and Refill

With myCuratio you are now able to fill, transfer, and refill prescriptions to any Walgreens pharmacy, thanks to our special partnership! To fill a new prescription, simply take a picture of the physical prescription written by your doctor. To transfer or refill a prescription, all you need to do is take a picture of the label on the side of your medication. Transfer your prescriptions today and manage your medication with myCuratio!


Icons and User Interface Updates

We have also added new icons and other user interface enhancements to make using myCuratio even easier. Thank you to everyone for their reviews and feedback!

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