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Consolidate health and medical information about you and your loved ones.Learn More
Connect with patients and caregivers that have similar questions and experiences.Learn More
Sync information from other apps and devices like fitness and diet trackers.Learn More
Search for doctors in your area and see what other patients have said!Learn More
Keep your important health and medical information safe, secure, and private.Learn More

Personal Health Record

The myCuratio Personal Health Record lets you combine medical, health and wellness information from your doctor’s office, the hospital, and even other fitness and diet tracking apps. You can also create records for the people you care about, such as your children or an ailing loved one.

  • Download important medical information from your doctor, including immunizations, medications, and test results
  • Export health information to the people that need it, such as your children’s daycare or school
  • Invite caregivers or family members to view and share specific medical information

myCuratio is a product of Curate Health

Curate Health was formed to deliver a truly patient-centric health engagement platform that helps people be educated, engaged, and empowered to care for themselves and their loved ones. Click on the Learn More button to find out more about Curate Health.


With myCuratio Communities, you can connect and engage with other patients and caregivers that have the same health related questions and interests as you. You can also as exchange valuable information with your healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical brands.

  • Connect with other users, patients, and caregivers just like you
  • Find information and share experiences that are important to you
  • Manage content and communication from your providers and pharmacy

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You’re already doing a great job tracking your health and wellness with other apps and devices, so don’t stop! myCuratio lets you sync information from other apps and devices directly into your personal health record.

  • Keep using the fitness and diet tracking apps that you already love
  • Sync health and wellness data into your personal health record
  • Sync data from medical devices, such as glucose and heart rate monitors

myCuratio can help your organization improve Patient Engagement!

The myCuratio community features enable healthcare organizations to connect and engage more directly with patients before and after they receive healthcare services. Click on Learn More for more information.

Find Doctors

Finding a good doctor is important and it’s easier when we can talk to someone that has been to the office. With myCuratio, you can find doctors in your area and read real reviews from other people just like you.

  • Search for doctors in your area by name or specialty
  • Save doctors to your personal health record to share records later
  • Write and read reviews from other people just like you

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Patient Privacy and Data Security is important. myCuratio is proud to meet or exceed every security and privacy guideline defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) so that we can promise your data is as safe, if not safer, than the same information being stored by your doctor or hospital.

  • myCuratio uses multi-factor authentication utilizing a combination of encrypted passwords and special keys which means that your data is only viewable when and where you want it
  • myCuratio is built on multi-level architecture to store identifying personal information separately from health and medical information providing complete de-identification of data
  • Your heath and medical information is encrypted when it is on our servers and when we’re sending it to your device which means your data is secure at all times

See how you can use myCuratio

Healthy You

Use myCuratio to combine information from health and wellness apps and devices.

Healthy You

You are already using your phone to track everything from fitness activity to sleep. Consolidate data from those apps in myCuratio to make progress easier to measure and share.


Use myCuratio to manage health information for your children and dependents.

Parents and Guardians

Keeping track of health information for your children and dependents is hard. Use myCuratio to manage important health information like immunizations and allergies, all in one place!


Use myCuratio to help take care of an ailing family member or loved one.


Sometimes, your loved ones need a little help navigating the healthcare system. Use myCuratio to track important medical information for someone you love, and share it with other family members.


Use myCuratio to help manage your long term or chronic condition.

Long Term Patients

There are approximately 149M people managing at least one chronic condition. myCuratio helps you manage your disease better by tracking medications, lab results, and progress over time.